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Five Pieces of Trivia about IMTS

OCT 29 2012 
Five Pieces of Trivia about IMTS
A brief smattering of trivial trivia bits for I Miss the Sunrise. Things probably too well-hidden or infrequently encountered to impact the usual player. Fun for all!
Author: Space Lizard

Well I was hoping to write another Simpsons rant today but it looks like I have to wait another week for a new episode, so instead, here is some marginally interesting filler about I Miss the Sunrise. Specifically, inklings of things the average player may not have caught on to, without spoiling anything entirely. Will it make you perk up and play through again? Probably not, but it's nice to throw the completionists a bone once in a while.

1. Chac's Other Fate

Poor, poor Chac; the well-spoken whipping boy of the universe. He languishes in his little space-wheelchair, just waiting for a helping hand or two, and yet it's entirely possible to just ignore him as the episodes go by.

So, what happens to him if you do ignore him completely? Next time you play, get to Episode Five without recruiting him, then go nosing around the Inquiry for a bit. You just may be pleasantly surprised.

2. A Unexpected Visitor.

Granting the gift of life to a certain fellow can have an unexpected outcome. Well, those of us who are more sharp-eyed than others will notice the gaggle of NPCs hanging around the Hole & Corner's market tends to change after each mission. And, everyone once in a great while, an old friend might just pop in, and have a few words for you (and maybe something else!) Speaking of the black market...

3. Just who in the hell is the plant guy?

One of the vendors in the Hole & Corner is hiding in plain sight, posing as a potted plant. In a space pot. Anyway, he's clearly acting remotely and speaking to you from elsewhere, but, who could it be? I've gotten a ton of people asking me what his true identity is, and to that I say, it's not really too hard (or necessary) to figure out. Is there someone else in the world with the means and resources available, and who enjoys being around plantlife enough to want to apply plant metaphors to his wares, and has a certain peculiar, bouncy sort of speech pattern and a very specific greeting? Don't worry if it's too obscure - he won't acknowledge you anyway. It's just for your sanity's benefit.

4. Number Five... Is Alive?

If you follow the space message boards in-game, you may notice a handful of increasingly-desperate entries by an entity known only as "Five." But, who is this person? Is it someone reacting to the events of the game, or just off in his or her own little world? Someone who craves an anonymous outlet? Is there some significance to the number "five"? Why not some other number? Is there a way to apply this knowledge to the people you come across?

5. Just what is the deal with The Black One?

Whoops! Too far. Sorry; you can't have that one yet. It'll have to wait for the game after The Drop. I promise you haven't seen the last of him - that's all I can say!

The Actual #5. We're all gonna die.

Even when you're on top of the food chain, there are invisible entities working their strings behind the scenes.

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

What else is going on in the background, and you probably didn't even know it? I'll never tell. Probably because I forgot the rest of them.

Won't it be nice to have a simple, straightforward game like The Drop with no hidden twists or surprises or plot significance or foreshadowing whatsoever? Until next time!
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